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Statement of Good Practice

The Separated Children in Europe Programme, a European NGO network consisting of 28 organisations in 31 European Member States, published its 5th edition of the ‘Statement of Good Practice’. The Statement of Good Practice aims to provide a clear overview of the principles, policies and practices required to implement measures that will ensure the promotion and protection of the rights of separated children in Europe. That is highly needed because separated children often go missing, do not receive a qualified guardian, get detained or lack adequate shelter. The ‘Statement of Good Practice’ is not merely an exhaustive listing of standards and good practice, but rather a framework for action and advocacy that we will continue to build upon in the future.  The revised Statement of Good Practice is endorsed by UNHCR, UNICEF, Save the Children, ECRE, and ECPAT International. Since 2013, SCEP is coordinated by Defence for Children the Netherlands.

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